Jumbo React
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Template Setting

Jumbo React can be customized on the basis of many parameters like Layout, color combinations, language, RTL etc.
In order to customize the template, following files need to be used :-
  • Customizer - src/containers/Customizer
    This folder contains all the coding related to template setting. It contains the code of customizer bar that you see on the template, so all the options present in the customizer bar in the template are managed from this folder.
  • Settings - src/reducers/Settings.js
    This file contains the initial values of all the customizer options like layout style and type, template color, RTL, template mode etc. so if you need to set the default value of any customizer option, you can make the necessary changes in this file.
  • constants - src/constants
    This folder contains some constants related to values of setting parameters. In order to change the initial look and feel, you need to get the options of values, these options can be found in this folder.
In these files, you can see all the available options for the particular parameter and can make the required changes.